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Software SET-UP Tyre - Optimal pressure tyres formula - Formula 2 - Formula 3 - Formula 4 - by NT-Project
The choice of tires pressure is often overlooked, or managed with more or less in-depth empirical methods, but in fact it is one of the fundamental factors for obtaining the best performance from the car both on the single lap and in the entire race. The software SET-UP Tyre based on the data acquired from your acquisition will calculate the really optimal pressures to get the best out of your tires in all the conditions.
Software Driver Analysis - Analysis driver formula performance, on braking, corner, and acceleration, at every point of the track - by NT-Project
Data acquisition is fundamental to analyze the performance on the track, and from the acquired data it is possible to understand how the driver has driven, but this analysis is not immediate and requires time and experience to really see where the driver can improve, where he is in difficulties, etc. The software Driver Analysis instead reworks the acquired data so you can see immediately in all the points of the track as the driver has behaved in all the driving phases, braking, cornering, exit corner, so in a few seconds you will know how to advise your driver to be more fast.

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