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Software SET-UP Carburetor - Optimal Carburetor Setting - Engine scooter and Pit bike - by NT-Project
In the 2-stroke engine the carburation significantly influences the engine performance, so finding quickly the optimal setting of the carburetor in all the weather conditions is essential to obtain the best results.Thanks to the software SET-UP Carburetor you can easily achieve this goal and also refine the carburation in function of the track and of the riding style.
Software SET-UP Two Stroke - Optimal setting ignition timing, spark plug gap and heat range, squish height - Engine Scooter - Pit Bike by NT-Project
Efficiency, development and duration of combustion, fundamental for performance and reliability of the engine, are influenced by atmospheric conditions, carburetion, squish and ignition timing. Thanks to the software SET-UP Two Stroke you can intervene at the best on these elements to maximize performance in the rpm range that you want and to control the temperature of the engine and of exhaust gas, in any condition.
Software Variator Design - Design Variator - by NT-Project
The study and the development of a variator is very complex, but it is also essential to make the most of the engine's potential. That is why we have developed the software Variator Design  that allows you to see how any intervention on the variator influences the performance, and therefore to identify the most suitable components, the changes to be made, and the optimal set-up, for your needs depending on the engine and vehicle characteristics.
Software Virtual Dyno - Engine Performance Calculation from acquisition data of AIM ALFANO 2D UNIPRO GET COSWORTH STARLANE RKS - by NT-Project
The data acquisition systems and telemetry allow you to collect a lot of information on vehicle performance, but what is often difficult to obtain are engine performance (torque, power) to analyze concretely how is making it and then evaluate the optimal tuning. Thanks to the software Virtual Dyno you can instead easily get the curves of torque and power of your engine, simply by rearranging the data acquired from your acquisition system.
Software Rider Analysis - Motorbike or Scooter Rider Performance Analysis , on braking, corner, and acceleration, at every point of the track - by NT-Project
Data acquisition is fundamental to analyze the performance on the track, and from the acquired data it is possible to understand how the rider has driven, but this analysis is not immediate and requires time and experience to really see where the rider can improve, where he is in difficulties, etc. The software Rider Analysis instead reworks the acquired data so you can see immediately in all the points of the track as the rider has behaved in all the driving phases, braking, cornering, exit corner, so in a few seconds you will know how to advise your rider to be more fast.

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