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Software SET-UP Carburetor - Optimal Jetting - Engine Kart 125 KZ - 60 MINI - 60 BABY - ROTAX MAX - VORTEX ROK - X30 - by NT-Project
The main category of the Kart, the KZ, uses a carburetor with multiple adjustments, the same for the 60 Mini, 60 Baby, and many single-brand categories (Vortex Rok, Rotax Max, X30). Identify the optimal setting and manage the choice of jetting, when change, the weather conditions, the track, and in function of the driving style of the driver, it is difficult even for those with great experience. Thanks to the software SET-UP Carburetor , leader from many years in this sector, instead you could easily find the best carburetor setting in any condition.
Software SET-UP Diaphragm - Optimal Carburetor Setting - Engine Kart 125 OK - OKJ - X30 MINI - X30 SENIOR - X30 JUNIOR - SUPER X30 - VORTEX SUPER ROK - EASY KART 60 - EASY KART 100 - EASY KART 125 by NT-Project
In many Kart categories diaphragm carburetors are used, apparently these carburetors are easy to adjust, but in reality they are very sensitive to atmospheric conditions, therefore having a technical support that helps to always have the optimal setting is essential. Thanks to the software SET-UP Diaphragm you can easily achieve this goal and also refine the carburetion based on the track and on the driving style.
Software SET-UP Two Stroke - Optimal setting ignition timing, spark plug gap and heat range, squish height - Engine Kart 125 KZ - OK - OKJ - 60 MINI - 60 BABY - VORTEX ROK - IAME X30 - ROTAX MAX - EASY KART - by NT-Project
Efficiency, development and duration of combustion, fundamental for performance and reliability of the engine, are influenced by atmospheric conditions, carburetion, squish and ignition timing. Thanks to the software SET-UP Two Stroke you can intervene at the best on these elements to maximize performance in the rpm range that you want and to control the temperature of the engine and of exhaust gas, in any condition.
Software SET-UP Kart Simulator - Kart Full Simulator for optimal technical development and to the find best kart setup - 125 KZ - OK - OKJ - 60 MINI - 60 BABY - VORTEX ROK - IAME X30 - ROTAX MAX - EASY KART - by NT-Project
The simulation is today in the motorspost one of the fundmental aspect both in technical development phase, both in the setup phase. NT-Project thanks to the experiences obtained in these twenty years of work in the kart, has developed, for manufacter, official team, and in general for all the people that compete at the maximum level, the software of simulation  SET-UP Kart Simulator, fundmental to make the best choices technical and of kart setup in every condition.
Software SET-UP Tyre - Optimal pressure tyres kart - 125 KZ - OK - OKJ - 60 MINI - 60 BABY - VORTEX ROK - IAME X30 - ROTAX MAX - EASY KART - by NT-Project
The choice of tires pressure is often overlooked, or managed with more or less in-depth empirical methods, but in fact it is one of the fundamental factors for obtaining the best performance from karting both on the single lap and in the entire race. The software SET-UP Tyre with simple measurements you allow to calculate the tyre features, and therefore to find fastly the optimal inflation pressures for your chassis, for the track features, and for the driving style of your driver.
Software Kart Analysis - Analysis behavior kart chassis and indications optimal setting chassis kart - tyres pressure - camber - caster - toe - ackermann - front width - rear width - by NT-Project
In the kart in addition to the engine setup , it is essential to optimize the chassis and the tires on the basis of the characteristics of the track, on its conditions, and of the driving style of the driver. This phase is very critical to every team and driver. The software Kart Analysis will allow you to take advantage of your data acquisition to easily understand how your chassis is working and to get quick indications, on how modify the setup to have the best performance, and to set the tyres pressure to have best grip and the least wear.
Software Steering Analysis - Steering System Analysis - ackermann - toe - lift wheels - dynamic camber - kart slip angle - by NT-Project
The settings that you can make on the steering system, affect several aspects that are fundmental to obtain the best behavior of the kart.  For this reason we've developed the software  Steering Analysis that allows to analyze and compare the different settings to find easily the best solution for the driver and to optimize grip and balance of the kart.
Software SET-UP Gear - Software to find the best transmission ratio for the kart on the differents tracks and for the differents grip and weather conditions - by NT-Project
One of the most important choices to obtain the maximum from the kart engine is that of the transmission ratio. In fact, the choice of sprockets depends on many factors, first of all the characteristics of the track, but also the weather conditions and the grip conditions, so the choice is not easy, if not by trial, instead thanks to the software SET-UP Gear you will find the best sprockets for the track and for the conditions with precision and quickly. In addition to this the software will help you to choose which engine speed range is best to use, and the optimal braking distribution.
Software SET-UP Driving - Kart Performance Simulation in function of the track line chosen from the driver and of the main features of the kart, balancing, weight, gaer ratio and engine power - by NT-Project
One of the decisive aspects of achieving the best lap performance is the choice of the optimal track line. In the growth of a driver this factor is therefore decisive. For this reason NT-Project has developed a simulator SET-UP Driving aimed at helping drivers in the search for the best line, in order to be able to understand  in function of the kart features as the choice of a track line with respect to another is reflected on driving and timing lap.
Software Engine Analysis - Calculation Engine Performance from acquisition data aim alfano 2d unipro rks starlane cosworth get - by NT-Project
The data acquisition systems and telemetry allow you to collect a lot of information on vehicle performance, but what is often difficult to obtain are engine performance (torque, power) to analyze concretely how is making it and then evaluate the optimal tuning. Thanks to the software Engine Analysis you can instead easily get the curves of torque and power of your engine, simply by rearranging the data acquired from your acquisition system.
Software Driver Analysis - Analysis driver kart performance, on braking, corner, and acceleration, at every point of the track - by NT-Project
Data acquisition is fundamental to analyze the performance on the track, and from the acquired data it is possible to understand how the driver has driven, but this analysis is not immediate and requires time and experience to really see where the driver can improve, where he is in difficulties, etc. The software Driver Analysis instead reworks the acquired data so you can see immediately in all the points of the track as the driver has behaved in all the driving phases, braking, cornering, exit corner, so in a few seconds you will know how to advise your driver to be more fast.

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