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Software Suspension Design - To analyze and design the suspensions and the chassis balancing of the racing motorbike - by NT-Project
To know the balance of the motorbike, the position of the center of gravity, and the value of the most significant technical parameters, is essential to understand how to better orientate the development and the setting in relation to one's needs. NT-Project has therefore created a software that allows you to quickly analyze the characteristics of the motorbike, and to quickly study the changes to be made to the chassis and to the suspensions to achieve the desired result. In fact thanks to the software Motorbike Design you can easily calculate all these quantities, and also analyze and study the rear suspension, being able to easily see how the progressivity changes, and the movement of the wheel according to the crushing of the shock absorber, based on the chosen geometry.
Software Suspension Design Cross - To analyze and design the suspensions and the chassis balancing of the cross motorbike - by NT-Project
In motocross, the suspensions play a decisive role, so can evaluate beforehand how they behave in the driving conditions on the cross-country track, therefore not only during braking, cornering and acceleration, but especially on jumps and on whoops, it is essential to find the right settings. Thanks to the software Suspension Design Cross you can analyze your set-up and define new set-ups based on the characteristics of the track where you must race. Moreover, the software also allows to identify the characteristics of the suspensions during the design phase, in fact it allows to calculate the behavior of both forks with traditional springs, and with air springs, and to analyze all the main mechanisms of the rear suspension.
Software Racing Bike Analysis - Sfrutta i dati della tua acquisizione per fornire informazioni chiare per ottimizzare il set-up delle sospensioni e della moto - by NT-Project
The data acquisition is essential, and from this, together with the rider sensations, come out directions on how to improve the set-up of the racing bike on the track. To make a correct interpretation of the data acquired, the technician can only rely on their own experience and capabilities, and the task is very arduous. NT-Project has therefore developed a software that translate the informations acquired by the acquisition in more readily interpretable technical data to facilitate the race engineer or the technician in the analysis and in the subsequent choices of set-up. The software Motorbike Analysis from the data acquired calculates the dynamic behavior of the racing bike, allowing an immediate interpretation of the grip problems and loss of grip. Moreover calculates how the set-up of the suspension has impacted on the bike and on the tire temperature in each point of the track.
Software SET-UP Gear - Software to find the best transmission ratio for the motorbike on the differents tracks and for the differents grip and weather conditions - by NT-Project
One of the most important choices to obtain the maximum from the motorbike engine is that of the transmission ratio. In fact, the choice of sprockets depends on many factors, first of all the characteristics of the track, but also the weather conditions and the grip conditions, so the choice is not easy, if not by trial, instead thanks to the software SET-UP Gear you will find the best sprockets for the track and for the conditions with precision and quickly. In addition to this the software will help you to choose which engine speed range is best to use, and the optimal braking distribution.
Software SET-UP Bike - Motorbike Performance Simulation - Optimization motorbike balance, gear ratio, braking distribution, track racing line, and rider driving - by NT-Project
The simulation in the motorsport today is a fundmental aspect, both in the development phase, both for the fine tuning. In addition to this remains essential to analyze the acquired data directly on track. The software SET-UP Motorbike Simulator allows to combine these two aspects to supply at technicians and engineers an instrument of great help to optimize and to speed up the choices technicals and of set-up, both before to go on track, both in the work to the box. From one side infact the software allows to simulate the motorbike performance varying all the influencing factors, from the other allows to process the acquired to obtain important informations, that can be used, both in combination with the simulation, both to understand better the setting used, the tires behavior, and the engine performance.
Software SET-UP Carburetor - Optimal carburetor setting - Racing Engine - by NT-Project
In the engines with a carburetor, the carburation is certainly more influential on 2-stroke engines , than on 4-stroke engines, but in the racing field to maintain optimal carburation also on these engines becomes a determining factor to win. In fact, the combustion has a maximum efficiency only with proper air fuel ratios and hence the calibration must be adjusted when changing weather conditions. For this reason were developed software some versions of the appreciated SET-UP Carburetor also for carburetors used on 4-stroke engines.
Software Fast Map - Mapping of fuel injection module power commander rapid bike ecc from dynotest results - by NT-Project
In recent years has been introduced in the market additional control units to alter the carburation and the ignition advances mapped in origin. The mapping of these additional units or is predefined depending on the type of motorbike, or it can be created only if you have dynamometers that work in combination with the specific additional unit. For all those who have other dynamometers, mapping can only be done by trial and error. Thanks to the software Fast Map you can instead use the results of any type of dynamometers to get the mappings of these additional control units.
Software Virtual Dyno - Engine Performance Calculation from acquisition data of AIM ALFANO 2D UNIPRO GET COSWORTH STARLANE RKS - by NT-Project
The data acquisition systems and telemetry allow you to collect a lot of information on vehicle performance, but what is often difficult to obtain are engine performance (torque, power) to analyze concretely how is making it and then evaluate the optimal tuning. Thanks to the software Virtual Dyno you can instead easily get the curves of torque and power of your engine, simply by rearranging the data acquired from your acquisition system.
Software Rider Analysis - Motorbike or Scooter Rider Performance Analysis , on braking, corner, and acceleration, at every point of the track - by NT-Project
Data acquisition is fundamental to analyze the performance on the track, and from the acquired data it is possible to understand how the rider has driven, but this analysis is not immediate and requires time and experience to really see where the rider can improve, where he is in difficulties, etc. The software Rider Analysis instead reworks the acquired data so you can see immediately in all the points of the track as the rider has behaved in all the driving phases, braking, cornering, exit corner, so in a few seconds you will know how to advise your rider to be more fast.

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